We Deliver Decades of Knowledge
and Know-How to the Leasing
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About Salem Advisory

For 22 years, Salem Advisory, LLC has provided commercial real estate services to tenants, landlords, purchasers, borrowers, and investors, primarily in New York, California, Connecticut, and Egypt. We earned the Deal of the Year Award, presented for the year’s most ingenious real estate deal, from the Bay Area Wealth Builders in San Francisco, CA two years in a row. 

Some of our significant transactions include:

  • Representing the buyer in a 74,021-square-foot acquisition of office space in Midtown Manhattan, New York

  • Representing the tenant in a 20,000 square foot lease of office in Downtown Manhattan, NY

  • Representing the tenants in a 4,000-square-foot sub-lease office space on Broadway in Manhattan, New York

  • Representing the seller in a 33,000 square foot sale of an office building in West Hartford, CT.

  • Representing the Landlord in a 268,000 square foot lease of an office space in Allentown, PA.

  • Representing the borrowers in multi-million-dollar financing of a portfolio of mixed-use buildings and construction of a multifamily project in New Haven, CT

  • Representing the landlord and tenants in a 60,000-square-foot office space lease to an energy company in Cairo, Egypt

  • The acquisition, improving, leasing, and disposition of multifamily buildings in Mountain View, CA

  • The acquisition, improving, leasing, and disposition of a multifamily building in Campbell, CA

  • The acquisition, improving and disposition of a multifamily building in Palo Alto, CA

Our high-profile clients include:

  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Mission to the United Nations
  • Kingdom of Morocco Consulate General
  • Coca Cola Company of Egypt
  • International Business Machines (IBM)
  • Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company (3M)
  • American Express Bank
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Why Choose Salem Advisory?

We say we are “Client-focused. Results-driven.”
Here’s why that makes all the difference for you: 

We have a deep understanding of the role we play in serving you, and we represent you as if we were handling our own transactions. We consider our client relationships to be long-term ones, and even after a deal is closed, we remain available to answer your questions. 

We consider ourselves to be a “buffer” between you and other entities, easing the process both professionally—through our expert advice, negotiation skills and utmost confidentiality—and emotionally, as we help balance any anticipation and anxiety to make the best deal for you. 

We deliver satisfying results for our clients, thanks to our expertise and our connections.
We bring to your transaction a wealth of knowledge about both local and international markets. We remain current with general market conditions and trends and offer you our best counsel based upon our access to and understanding of industry data.
We are expert networkers who have built a solid community of connections—brokers, lenders, investors and other professionals— throughout the commercial real estate industry, both in the U.S. and internationally.