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Commercial Property For Sale In World Trade Center

Looking to Buy A Commercial Property Near You? Types of New York County Commercial Real Estate to Consider Investing In

If you’re looking to buy commercial property in Manhattan, NY, you’re going to want to work with the most reputable World Trade Center, NY commercial real estate buying agency possible. In New York County, that’s Salem Advisory, LLC. For more than 20 years, our team of professionally trained, fully licensed buyer’s real estate agents has been helping investors buy commercial space. We have the knowledge, experience, and skill that’s required to make the best investment possible. If you’re thinking about buying commercial property near you, when you work with a purchasing commercial real estate agent from Salem Advisory, LLC, you can have confidence knowing that you’ll have a hassle-free, successful experience.

Types of New York County Commercial Spaces to Consider Investing In

There are numerous benefits associated with purchasing commercial real estate. High-profit margins, tax incentives, and low turnover are just some of the most notable advantages. Presently, the price of commercial property in New York County is historically low, so now is the perfect time to make an investment. If it’s your first time buying commercial real estate, the first thing you are going to want to do is to familiarize yourself with the different types of properties so that you can determine which type to invest in.

If you’re thinking about buying commercial property near you, here’s an overview of the different types of commercial real estate available in Manhattan, NY.

Office Buildings

Typically, office buildings are categorized into two different types: urban and suburban. As the name suggests, urban offices are located in cities, and they include large structures, such as high-rises and skyscrapers. Suburban offices, on the other hand, are situated in suburban communities, are smaller in size, and can include a single building or they can be grouped together in an office park.

Office buildings are also ranked into three classes:


Any building that is designed for industrial operations, such as manufacturing, warehousing, and/or processing, is considered industrial real estate properties. They’re usually low-rise buildings and largely, they’re located just outside of urban areas, particularly along key transportation routes. The buildings can be singular or they can be grouped together in parks. There are four categories of industrial buildings:


Any property that is used for the purpose of selling rather than the production of products is considered a retail property. There are several different types of retail properties in New York County, with some of the most common being:


There are a lot of multifamily commercial properties in New York County. They include any type of residential real estate outside of a single-family structure, such as apartments, townhomes, co-ops, and condominiums. These buildings are also categorized into the same classes as office buildings, including Class A, Class B, and Class C. The different types of multifamily commercial properties include:


These commercial buildings include buildings that offer over-night accommodations, serve food, and offer other services for travelers. They can range in size and can offer an assortment of amenities. Examples include:

Looking to Buy Commercial Property in New York County?

If you’re thinking about making a commercial real estate buy in New York County, contact the leading World Trade Center, NY commercial real estate buying agency: Salem Advisory, LLC. For more information, call 212-517-1077 or visit https://www.salemadvisory.com.

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